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Tuesday 8:30 am
* Holy Trinity parishioners call Jane Duwa with bulletin announcements
* St. Joseph's parishioners call Karen Sojka.
* They will forward all announcements to the St. Mary's office.

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Welcome to The Cluster Parishes of

Holy Trinity | Richmond St. Joseph's | Wellman St. Mary's | Riverside

The Catholic Churches of Holy Trinity, Richmond; St. Joseph's, Wellman, and St. Mary's, Riverside make up the cluster parishes.  We are people of the Diocese of Davenport walking together in faith.

WALKING TOGETHER IN FAITH | Our Vision as Diocesan Church
God our Father, God of Love, give us your blessing, as we join together to do your work.  Help us to cherish each person in our care as a precious gift from you, for we are all your beloved children. In your ministry may we seek only Jesus and his truth, may we boldly proclaim his gospel, and may we call upon him often in prayer.  Be with us now as we accept our call to WALK TOGETHER IN FAITH.

Saturday | 5:30 PM | St. Mary's, Riverside
Sunday | 8:00 AM | St. Joseph's, Wellman
Sunday | 9:30 AM | Holy Trinity, Richmond
Sunday | 11:00 AM | St. Mary's, Riverside
Sunday | 1:30 PM | St. Mary's, Riverside (Latin Mass)

Monday | 6:15 PM | Holy Trinty
Tuesday | 8:00 AM | St. Mary's

Wednesday | 8:00 AM | St. Joseph's
Thursday | 11:00 AM | Pleasantview Home, Kalona
Friday | 8:00 AM | St. Mary's

Marriage Preparation Weekends
August 10-11, 2013: Mt Pleasant, St. Alphonsus
October 12-13, 2013: Muscatine, Ss. Mary & Mathias

The registration form is on the diocesan website, (Chancery>Faith Formation>Marriage and Family). Registration is $125 per couple and is due 2 weeks prior the weekend. For more information contact Barb Butterworth at 563-888-4240 or or IlaMae Hanisch, is an easy website to find the times, places, and services for Catholic Mass when you leave for vacation. Summer is a great time to escape the workplace and get away, but never is there a time to vacation from God. Take God with you, find time to worship even while on vacation. Remember, God never takes a break from us!

If you know a parishioner who is sick, in the hospital, homebound or who needs some help or would appreciate a visit, please call the office.

St. Mary’s Gift Shop
There’s a new vast array of gifts for Confirmations, Baptisms, Birthdays, Anniversaries and much more in the gift shop. Please stop by and check them out. Shop at home! Shop at St. Mary’s!

Victim Assistance
To report child sexual abuse, contact the Iowa Department of Human Services Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-362-2178 and if it involves clergy or church personnel, also notify Alicia Owens, Victim Assistance Coordinator: 563-349-5002, PO Box 232, Bettendorf IA 52722-0004,


2012-2013 Parish Council Members
St. Mary’s:  Alan Beers, Mariellen Bower, Jane Brokel, Doug Colbert, Andy Eckroth, Don Edwards, Ken Frauneholz, Steve Musser, Jim Rose, Barb Simon, Dee Simon, and Steve Streb.

Holy Trinity:  Julie Adam, Paul Brandt, Dave Capper, Jeff Goodwin, Diana Haman, Jim Hauth, Bill Kessel, Bill Knutson, Cody Marek, Cindy Surly, Larry TeBockhorst and Tom Welte.

St. Joseph’s:  Jeff Bohr, Dwight Duwa, Jody Heifner, Matt McClellen, MaryAnn Miller-Greiner, Dave Ockenfels, Milt Schmida, Pat Schmida, Angela West and Rich Wojtak

Parish Trustees are
St. Mary’s:  Cindy Michel, John Sojka
Holy Trinity:  Ryan Harland, Heather Stumpf
St. Joseph’s:  Pam Bender, Doug Slaubaugh

Parents must be registered members of the parish.  Baptism instructions are required, ideally before the child is born.  Please read the following for more information including a schedule of upcoming dates for preparation classes.
Cluster Parish Baptism Preparation and Requirements

One of the couple must be a registered and active member of the parish for a least one year before marriage.  Couples are required to make an appointment with Fr. Dave at least six (6) months before the wedding so that the initial preparation process may be completed.

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