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June 2016

On Tuesday, June 14th, 2016, the diocese held a pastoral planning meeting for the leadership of the parishes of Columbus Junction, Hills, Lone Tree, Nichols, Richmond, Riverside, Washington, Wellman, West Branch, and West Liberty. Representatives from Muscatine and Wilton were invited as the planning process would affect them. The goal of this planning process was to discuss viable options in anticipation of needing to reduce the number of priests serving these parishes by one.

These plans are proposals for discussion and none of them have been approved.  The final plan may be different than any current proposed plan and will be shaped by comments from parishioners.

There will be a cluster meeting on Monday, June 27 at the PLC in Richmond, beginning at 7:00 pm for all parishioners to give their input and ask questions. Your questions, insights, and comments will be collected and shared with the diocese.

There will be no immediate change because of this meeting.

Please study the material and pray about it. The reality is we need a plan to deal with real possibility of having one less priest to serve these ten parishes with the hope the plan never has to be implemented. Please attend to the cluster meeting on June 27th and help us build a bright future for our three parishes.

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